Airbus MCDU Aid

The Vital Simulation Airbus MCDU Aid is designed to be an introduction to the Airbus FMGS and MCDU, it will introduce the user to the way in which Airbus A319,A320,A321,A330 and A340 aircraft have their flight plans entered, and navigated.





The Airbus MCDU Aid runs in a near real time manner closely simulating the performance of a real Airbus MCDU. It is designed to introduce the concepts of the Airbus MCDU and allow users to enter flight plans, simulate flying them and modify them on route. It is not a certified training aid, but does have considerable capability of demonstrating the use of the Airbus MCDU found in the Airbus FBW aircraft.

Select route origin and destinations from a world data base of airports

The worlds airports database is supported by a full runway data base allowing accurate runway and SID departures to be entered and viewed.


Arch, Rose and plan view NAV displays, showing all waypoints, VOR, NDB, airports and route information are available.



Useful controls to speed up the flight (Speed x N) , Jump to Top Of Climb (TOC) or Jump to Top Of Descent (TOD) exist.


A Vertical Profile dialog may be used to visualize the vertical profile of the designed route.  This can be useful to see the differences step altitudes may make, or what the descent profile may look like.



A full HTML based help system allows the user to gain knowledge of all aspects of the Airbus MCDU, from data entry to setting constant mach segments, to diverting to an alternate airport and more.




An information screen exists to show the position, altitude and speed of the simulated aircraft against the MCDU target altitudes and speeds, as well as useful information about route discontinuity or hold status.





Enter Company routes, create routes, enter SIDs and STARs , direct To



Use Lateral Functions , Vertical Functions, Alternate destination , in flight route modifications




INIT data entry, performance information, fuel predictions, constant Mach settings



Progress pages, report pages, flight plan print pages,



Data pages, position monitoring, Equi - Time point page



Easy to use controls, initial position, jumps, Speed x N. Flight plan delete



Ability  to simulate the flight of the entered route, view and control the Nav displays



Complete free play Simulated Nav Control Panel, Mav Display and MCDU



The Airbus MCDU Aid is a  Microsoft Windows dialog application that requires nothing more than a normal Windows PC or laptop.No need to run any other flight simulation. This is an all in one  MCDU simulation. It now incorporates the MCDU Guide







NAV Radios ILS tuning

Manual and Auto ILS tuning available


Protection for atof function

prevents possible program crash when enter values


Step Descent in cruise

Now outputs V/S cmd to the A/P


T/C duplications

Can only be one T/C in flight plan


Pre select speeds

Pre select climb and cruise speeds now functional


Deg sign used for Flap values

On Approach page


Ability to change Descent spd prior to DESCENT

On Descent page


Descent Intercept monitoring Added

Shows on the ND


Climb / Descent profiles matching the A330-200 simulation

Compatible to A330 sim


Climb / Descent Transition altitude used for altitudes in Flt plan

Was only the origin transition alt, now both


T/D waypoint has the target speed for the previous waypoint

No speed change when T/D is the TO waypoint

Modification History for Airbus MCDU to v 1.3

Designed for Familiarization of the Airbus MCDU, ND and Nav Control Panel Must not be used for actual aircraft operations


Ensure that all waypoint's offsets are cleared

Small possibility of some waypoints not clearing their offsets


Organized deliverable to program files/vitalsimulation

Now able to acquire future updates



MCDU Up/Down scroll push buttons operate as per Airbus and not standard keyboard

Up arrow scrolls flight plan down



Duplicate Names list shows last item


The very last southern item wasn’t displayed




Fix database Latitude sorted and corrected

Some southern latitude fixes had zero Latitude set

Airbus MCDU to v 1.4

Airbus MCDU to v 1.5


ILS indictor now in magenta

Was green


Mag heading input for approach performance page

On approach page


Step alt data on Cruise Performance page



Route data added to plan page