Consultancy and contract work in Avionics, IT and Simulation.

35 Years experience in Aerospace and IT

Avionics design, Real Time Simulation and Software Programming

In addition to the simulation software modeling, Mr. Dominic Browne has been providing contract services since 1993, in Indonesia, Germany and the UK on avionics, simulation and financial IT systems .


Companies serviced include :



Computer Share  








Brief outline of work at EADS-Deutschland (Fast Jet networked training simulation )




Brief outline of  work at Computer Share ( Share brokerage system )



Brief outline of work at IPTN (Twin turbo prop aircraft development )


Full software simulation of the Collins  DCU. This involved the reduction of approximately 83,000 lines of code to just several hundred unique software lines and several thousand auto created lines of code. The software model was coded using the C language for greater readability and flexibility.


Full simulation of the Collins 850C ADC, including a static error correction. This included the formation of a suite of functions to give atmospheric values based upon the Bernoulli equation and Rayliegh’s formula.


Full simulation of the Collins AHRS, including the effects of offset centre of gravity and a frequency sweep mechanism for sinusoidal, saw tooth and square waves used in a ARINC 429 Frequency sweep model to test the actual flight controls frequency response on the IORN BIRD.


Analysis of the actual aircraft Air data system. The determination of the static errors, and correction tables to the Collins ADC.


Assessment of the Crew Alerting messages using the simulated DCU.


Integration of the Collins autopilot and yaw damper into the EFS.


Testing of the stall prevention system requirements.


Design and assessment of the stall prevention system cockpit controls.


Analysis of the Stall prevention system schematic wiring diagrams.


Software design of a ISA program giving all atmospheric and speed related parameters for speeds up to mach 5


Software design of ADS static correction model showing actual aircraft speeds against indicated airspeeds.


Software design of a pseudo real time flight simulation for the N250 using MS visual C++ version 5.


Real time programming, C, C++, FORTRAN, UNIX, MS Windows, MS Visual C++.

Level D Full Flight Simulation, Full Mission Simulation, Networked simulations, Engineering Flight Simulators ARINC 610A, DIS, HLA, rehosted avionics

DOORS, RTSAD, UML, Do -178B, StateMate, Simulink

Avionics design, Stall Prevention System, ADS, EICAS, ARINC 429, ARINC 629, EF Milbus, Mil1553

Boeing 737, Boeing 747-400, Airbus A330-200, N250, Boeing 777, Eurofighter

Companies serviced :


Brief outline of work at Thales (Commercial aircraft training devices )

Full software simulation B737 Automatic Flight Control System.

Full simulation of the MD80 Autopilot and Auto throttle

Integration of B747-400 Flight Control Computers into level D  Full flight simulator.

Integration of B737 and MD 80  FMS

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Companies serviced include :