Vitanet Solutions Ltd . Uk company No. 3540656, founded in 1998


Provides Aerospace and IT consultancy and develops software simulation systems.

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Vital Simulation is the trading name for the simulation products made by Vitanet Solutions Ltd. 20 years plus, experience in Commercial Flight Training simulators and Military Fast jet Full Mission simulators has enabled Vitanet Solutions Ltd to produce aircraft simulations to a high degree of accuracy and fidelity.




As computing power increases and hardware costs reduce, the ability to provide high level fidelity simulations at home enthusiasts prices now exist. Vital Simulation is ready to provide aircraft simulations of the flight training device fidelity to flight simulation home enthusiasts. Our launch product is a simulation of the Airbus A330-200. The simulation is multi PC, and designed for home built simulator cockpits.




The Airbus A330-200 simulation has been designed in a highly modular form, allowing various parts of the simulation to run by themselves, as training aids for potential Airbus pilots, as well a complete Airbus A330-200 simulator.



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We have also developed simple to use training aids for the  A330 and the A320, using the modular simulation approach. We offer Windows based computer simulations of the A330 and the A320 as well as cut down version for just the FMGS .


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