Airbus A330-200 simulation

The Airbus A330-200 flight simulation is a multi PC based flight simulator . The aircraft simulation software runs in several PCs linked together via Ethernet. The cockpit controls, switches knobs etc interface to the aircraft simulation software standard commercial I/O systems.


The system architecture is shown here.



Current status :




The main executive software is complete and runs the simulation at 60 Hz, with the Equations of Motion and Ground Reaction software running at 120 Hz.



Basic A330-200 Aerodynamics, Ground Reactions and Equations Of Motion 6 DOF Quaternion model complete.  Including repositions, freezes and wind changes



Flight Controls System complete, Normal, Alternate and Direct laws implemented and Speed protection control laws complete.  Alpha protection model is complete.



Sensor models (ADIRU, TAT, Alpha Vanes, etc) together with a  simulated ARINC type data bus complete.   



System models (Hydraulics, Air, Electrical etc ) complete including their interfaces to the System display.  



FMGS  is complete. It is fully coupled to the A/P for takeoff, climb, cruise, approach and landing.  


Major items left to do



Physical Cockpit Build



Aural Cue



Visual system interface



Ethernet communication to each PC completed. Although full compliment of 10 + PCs not tested.



The displays, PFD, Nav Display, EWD, and System Displays complete. They have been re-designed to allow for sizing. This allows them to be used in other programs such as the MCDU Aid, and PC version of the simulator.



Please note that this is not an add on for the Micro soft Flight simulator but a complete flight simulator in its own right. The fidelity is aimed at a Fixed Based Training Device standard, and will be a similar fidelity to the Aerowinx 747-400 Precision Simulator.


Cockpit shown is from

System Architecture




Model Details