Airbus A330 - 200 PC Simulation   

Designed for Familiarization of the Airbus A330. Perform engine starts, flight preparation, Actual flights, Malfunctions, ECAM procedures etc.

The Airbus A330-200 flight simulator PC version.

Originally developed as the “IOS” for the cockpit simulator, the PC simulation is a full blown working simulator in its own right. All the cockpit knobs, lights, switches and buttons function, interacting with a complete simulation of the A330-200. Joystick interface and fully functioning A/P allow the program to simulate a flight from battery power on, through engine start, takeoff, climb cruise and approach and landing.


Demonstration available



Optional Extras are available


Complete FMGS simulation. Dual FMGC, Dual A/P and A/THR



Full simulation of all MCDU pages, for route planing and performance predictions



Full simulation of Each display screen, 2 PFD, 2  ND, EWD and all pages of the System Display



Malfunctions, Random or user defined. Full ECAM consequential effects.



Database of all world wide airports, runways, SID and STARs.



Hundreds of company routes



Fully detailed HTML help file.



ECAM aural alerts



highly detailed Hydraulics simulation



highly detailed Electrics simulation



highly detailed Pneumatics simulation



highly detailed Fuel system simulation



highly detailed Landing Gear simulation



Program Details




Demonstration available


Optional Extras are available



This simulation is not an add on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator or others and does not have a visual scene or aural queue. The price reflects the detail and accuracy of the simulation and not the amusement utility that may be acquired from other more game like simulations.



The simulation has been developed using publicly available data from many different resources. No  approved data packages have been used. Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the simulation, no guarantee  of 100% correctness may be inferred or implied. It is not, therefore, a certified training aid.  


We  are fortunate to have had good feed back from several pilots ( many thanks to you all) , allowing the ability to improve the accuracy and fidelity of the program. A full list of feed back details and update status is available in  the NOTAMs section.








Download free from here (old version)

Download free from here (New Dev version)

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