Our simulations use a standard set of Navigation Data. This Nav Data is updated occasionally and can be downloaded from this web page. Navigraph.com provides monthly updates for navigation data and we can modify these updates to be compatable with our simulations.


Please download the latest version of Navigation data set for our simulations :  


If you wish to use the  Navigraph.com updates, then pleas follow the instructions below

Vital Simulation  standard Nav Data  ( VSP0004 )



Summary of changes



March 2019


Added VVTH

Dec 2017



May 2019


Added VVCI data and new SIDs for VVTS







Navigraph.com Nav Data

The web site  Navigraph.com provides Nav data base sets, made  from Jeppesen data. Their data sets are mainly for other commercial flight simulations, however, we have modified our simulations to make use of that data. The data set provided by Navigraph.com is their copyright and we can not give this data away for free.

In order to comply with their copyright, we  offer the following service :


  1. Purchase a subscription from  Navigraph.com
  2. Download the PSS data set from their file system. See method below
  3. Send the PSS data set to ourselves, using our E mail Dominic@vitalsimulation.com
  4. We will merge the data set to be compatible with our simulations
  5. We will provide you a link to download the newly updated Nav Data


Log onto http://www.navigraph.com with your account and select the manual download page for the FMS data

This will give you a zip file containing :

Select the PSS data set as shown above